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An industry leading service provider for the mobile industry offering buy, sell, repair, distribution and customized device management services.

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  • Reverse Logistics

    Reverse Logistics We specialize in managing returned goods, ensuring they are directed to the appropriate channels. Our team carefully evaluates each item and makes informed decisions on the best course

  • Forward Logistics

    Forward Logistics Bridge kindly requests all manufacturers and distributors to ship the product to us. Once received, we will take responsibility for managing the inventory and shipping the product accordingly,

  • Guarantee Buy-Back

    Guarantee Buy-Back We can offer advance pricing for a period of up to 3 years, during which we commit to purchasing the devices at the agreed-upon price. We analyze historical

  • Device Evaluation and Performance Testing

    Device Evaluation and Performance Testing At our facility, we thoroughly examine, assess, and securely erase each device, issuing certificates to verify this procedure. This guarantees that all devices are returned

  • Warranties and Returns

    Warranties & Returns We work directly with manufacturers to ensure maximum cost savings and minimize discrepancies. This direct relationship allows us to streamline the supply chain and provide our customers

  • Retail Employment And Process Support

    Retail Employment and Process Support Our team specializes in providing backend solutions to frontend problems. We understand the challenges that arise when dealing with customers or deploying process or equipment.

  • Trade-In Solution

    Trade-In Solution Our Trade-in program is design for the consumer in mind by performing diagnostics on the device and providing premium pricing. This will minimize discrepancy, increase foot traffic, activations

  • Inhouse IT Solution

    Inhouse IT Solution We specialize in custom building software solutions to streamline workflows and processes. Our team is experienced in tailoring solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and

  • Software

    Software We have developed our own proprietary software that tracks products by serial number. This software has multiple attributes and records all tasks performed on each device, along with the

  • Ecom and Fulfillment

    Ecom & Fulfillment We offer a range of services to support your business needs. Our pick, pack, and ship services ensure efficient handling of your products, while our full marketplace

  • Repair, Refurbishment and Recycle

    Repair, Refurbishment and Recycle At Bridge, we prioritize environmental sustainability by giving a second life to devices that would otherwise be discarded in landfills. Our team of qualified technicians specializes

  • Procurement

    Procurement We have a global network of partners that we closely collaborate with to offer top-quality products and competitive pricing. This allows us to work together with your purchasing teams

  • Sales

    Sales Our global network and sales team enable us to sell excess, discontinued, or unneeded products at a higher price. We utilize multiple avenues to sell this inventory, with no

  • Sales on Consignment

    Sales on Consignment This option allows customers to utilize our sales team and customer base to sell their devices at a premium price. Bride will receive fixed or variable margins

  • Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions Every business faces unique challenges, and by leveraging the expertise of multiple entrepreneurs, we can develop tailored solutions to address the specific needs of each business. This collaborative

  • MDM Device Deployment and Management

    MDM Device Deployment & Management​​ We work with top MDM software vendors and provide full support in staging, managing and deployment of the devices. Seamless Device Management Expert Support with

  • Demo Software and Hardware Deployment

    Demo Software and Hardware Deployment We have full solution for demo devices to display at retail location. We install custom demo software on devices and include full plug and play


    We provide full solutions for medium to larger businesses. Have a peace of mind with Bridge is handling your end-to-end solutionsWe have the expertise and professionals who will handle any business type and create cost cutting solutions to mitigate any exposures without negative effect to your bottom line.

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    With facilities in Canada and United Kingdom, we are an international leader in mobile device management. We also offer buy, sell, repair, reverse logistics, trade-in and distribution services.

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    Celebrating each click as a milestone, our counter proudly displays the total number of devices we've welcomes into the digital fold -- a testament to our commitment to connectivity and innovation.

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