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Returns Inventory Management and Technical Assessment

We have established ourselves in both Canada and the UK as the industry leader for comprehensive returns management solutions and product redeployment.  We understand that efficient turnaround time is vital in the consumer electronics sector and have created a complete business-practice around it, ensuring that efficiency and immediate response time is paramount.  By providing detailed reporting on various levels of critical information around mobile device returns, we enable operators and retailers to respond quickly on returned product.

When we’re providing returns management on customer-owned product, we provide a complete technical diagnostic assessment to each handset to establish reasons for return, and virtually eliminate costly NFF fees from manufacturer-designated repair centres.  Our proprietary “Pod” strategy within our technical services lab allows us to provide complete assessment and detailed reporting on each of the various stages throughout the diagnostic process; right down to the individual IMEI.  This information is provided back to the carrier within hours of assessment, allowing clear line-of-sight to their asset and immediate response on next steps.

“Question Stock” Solutions and Asset Redeployment:

“Question Stock” are mobile handsets which carriers/retailers/manufacturers hold in inventory but for which they have no cost-effective outlet. Examples include consumer returns (for various reasons), End-of-Life (EOL) models, Beyond Economical Repair (BER) returns and general overstock. Keeping these assets on-hand in inventory with no solution can easily cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and is a highly inefficient use of both tied-up capital and warehouse space.

We provide solutions to Question Stock inventory through acquisition, refurbishment, parts-salvage and reclamation and second-life sale/deployment through a vast network that spans the globe. By providing a truly global solution, we give carriers and manufacturers the ability to re-deploy their Question Stock in the most efficient and cost-effective method in the industry.

Customized Sourcing Solutions:

Devices in various conditions and quantities are available from a multitude of suppliers, but often not in the condition or quantities needed for specific programs.

Consistency is key in these programs and most device suppliers don’t maintain a consistent available inventory. With our extensive network of buyers and sellers around the world, we have the capability to provide consistent, bespoke solutions to retailers and insurance programs.

We stock as well as source the desired product for these programs and ensure there is a surplus to pull from once we’ve established the baseline needs for each customer.

Repair Solutions

Our industry-leading team of technicians provide all levels of repair, covering all major makes and models. Repairs are performed in a clean, bright laboratory setting, using ESD benches and professional repair equipment.

Our reclamation model allows us to use fully-tested OEM parts for repairs, which we back up by our own warranty on both the repair and the parts used. This solution provides substantial savings to our customers.

Additionally, we have the ability to source parts directly from OEMs (if that’s the requirement of the customer), or the highest quality OEM-grade after-market parts.

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